- Established the Computer-Based Wargame Simulation Company with the retired officers
  in the Combined Battle Simulation Center.
- Provide CFC, USFK and Korean National Forces with wargame support
- Support ROK Army Divisional BCTP
- Support ROK Navy Exercise Pil-sung
- Support US 2ID training(Ex Warpath/ Warfighter)
- Expanded to Consolidated Information and Communication Fields with Development
  and Operation of Command, Contol & Communications, System Integration and S/W
- Expanded to International Trade and Consulting Fields
- Support ROK Marines Exercise Chunjabong
- Awarded JCS Battle Simulation Support Projects
- Establish Research Center(KMASIAC)
- Expanded to Modeling & Simulation Fields
- Developed and Maintained CFC Next Generation Wargame(KSIMS)
- Developed Air Forces Training Wargame